We prefer a real Christmas tree at home, and in fact, we never had an artificial one!  Now, there are some common sense advantages to having the real deal...a fresh Christmas tree.

"One scientist told Live Science a few reasons why real trees are actually "greener" for the planet than fake ones.

  • Christmas trees for sale these days are grown not in the forest but on tree farms. Many people think trees are being cut down in the forest.
  • Trees decompose, releasing carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.
  • The tree farms that grew the trees also replant after the trees are cut.
  • Economically they're better. Most artificial trees are produced in China, while real trees tend to be grown on local farms.
  • Artificial trees are made of plastic and won't decompose."
  • Of course, if you prefer an artificial tree, that can be a financial advantage for you, not having to buy a new tree every year.