Disturbing footage of an unidentified Marine sergeant in California is going around because of how he blew up on a fellow driver after they got into a minor fender bender.  The video was shot from the passenger seat of one of the cars, and it shows the Marine screaming at the driver and kicking his door for almost three minutes, all because the guy wouldn't get out and fight him.  It's full of vulgar language, so beware if you're wanting to watch it at work or with kids around.

The passenger who shot the video is also a Marine. She's paralyzed from the waist down, and the driver who's being screamed at is her brother, who's also her caretaker.

According to reports, the Marine may have actually MEANT to get into the crash, because he allegedly cut the other car off and slammed on his brakes. And supposedly he's been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

After watching this NSFW video, I'm sure he's suffering from something and should get some help.  His anger management issues need to be addressed. If that were me in the drivers seat, I'd be so scared and would lock the door, hoping he didn't break the window.  I haven't heard that much foul language come out of one person's mouth, EVER!

Source: Live Leak