Dear Mother Nature:

I'm not sure what we did to upset you, but enough is enough! It's mid April and we've seen enough snow to last two winters. To make matter worse, you teased us with a beautiful 80 degree day and THEN dumped freezing rain and snow on us. Where you jilted by Jack Frost? Did you forget to take your bipolar meds, or did you just forget what time of year it is. April Fools day was weeks ago.

If April showers are suppose to bring May flowers, we won't see anything bloom til August at this rate. Its the time of year to be using the lawn mower, not the snow blower.

How are we suppose to have a 'Barefoot Bluejean Night' during 'Summer Nights' if we're all still wearing coats.

Your mood swings aren't making many friends.

Please find some sunshine and Spring like weather to send our way. Peter Cottontail would appreciate it when he goes hoppin' down the bunny trail Easter Sunday. Plus, it'll be next to impossible to hunt for Easter eggs in the snow!