In case (no pun intended) you don't have enough to worry about, according to sources, there may be an upcoming worldwide wine shortage. We have a number of world-class wineries here in New York State, but apparently the shortage may affect every part of the globe.

Here are the details from an article by Roberto A. Ferdman on

"Global wine consumption has been on the rise almost without interruption (save for a short stint between 2008 and 2009) since the late 1990s.

The US and China, in particular, have been drinking more. The US, which guzzles roughly 12% of the world’s wine, has seen its per capita consumption double since the start of the century. And China, which is now the world’s fifth largest import market, has doubled its consumption not once, but twice in the past five years.

World production hasn’t managed to keep pace."


Watch this video for more:


With a possible wine shortage in the future, I'm glad I'm a beer drinker.