I've never heard anything as touching as the story of Brenda Schmitz. The mother and wife passed away in 2011 of ovarian cancer.  Before she died, she wrote a letter to Iowa radio station, Star 102.5 Christmas Wish and asked a friend to send it in once her husband had found someone new.

Brenda wished for three things; a day or weekend of pampering for the new woman in her son's life, a 'magical trip' for the family, and a party for the doctors and nurses who treated her.

The station granted all three wishes and sent the family to Disney World.

Brenda also included a letter to be given to Jane, the new woman in her husband's life.

The story had me bawling. I haven't cried that hard in quite some time.  I have no idea how those announcers got through that letter without breaking down, live on air.  I would have.

What a beautiful story the family can carry with them forever.

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