Ok, before we start breaking out the 12-packs, a new study now shows that beer may have similar health benefits as red wine. We've long heard that a modest amount of red wine a day may be good for our health, and apparently researchers are getting similar results with beer.

According to an article in the Globe, a new study by the University of Texas states that on average, those who imbibe in a beer or two a day, live just as long as those who sip a glass or two of red wine daily. Obviously, there are many health concerns with drinking any alcohol, especially when abused. This study is referring to moderate usage, such as one or possibly two brews per day, max.

With alcohol abuse and addiction problems rampant in this country, those who don't already drink a brew or two daily, shouldn't start. It's  just that now beer seems to be getting its due alongside red wine. Here's to your health!