I ran across this article about things you should never keep in your wallet and with all this talk about identity theft, decided I should give it a read. And maybe I should give the 'ol wallet a look through. Unlike George Costanza, I didn't find any hard candy, but I did find some interesting things.

I am one of those guys that uses the "European Leather Carry-All" because it takes a lot of stuff.  On the list of things never to keep in your wallet I had 5 of the 8.

1. Social Security Card - thought you had to have it.

2. Password Cheat Sheet - how am I supposed to remember 16 usernames and passwords.  At least none of them are the pin to the bank account.

3.  Spare Keys - I have at least 2 to every door in the house, plus the mailbox.

4. Blank Checks - a whole book of 'em.

5. Old Receipts - Plenty of those too, some I'm not even sure why I kept them.  I mean who's returning a toilet plunger?

Those I didn't have include:

6. Passport - nope, it's in the glove compartment.

7. Multiple Credit Cards - don't have more than one.

8. Birth Certificate - I don't even have a clue as to where that would be hiding.

The good news was I found this.


Maybe I'll be like the guy who didn't claim his 5 million dollar lottery winnings for six years.

SOURCE: Kiplinger.com