With a New Year, comes new costs. A number of things, from necessary items to fees, will cost you more in 2012. Here's the 6 items that may affect your pocket book.

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    Domestic & International Airfare

    If you fly the friendly skies, you'll be paying more for that airline seat. Economy flights are expected to rise 5% and it'll cost you 7% more for business class. And that's just for domestic flights. If you're planning to head overseas, it'll be even more.

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    You may have noticed your grocery bill going up last year. Food cost rose 6% in 2011 and will only go up more in 2012. The small bright spot; it won't cost much more to go out to eat. It'll only affect grocery store food.

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    Mobile Data Plans

    If you surf the net on your phone, it'll cost you more this year. It looks like the days of unlimited data plans will soon be a thing of the past.

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    Parking/Traffic Tickets

    Budget deficits need to be filled somehow, so expect to see an increase in all city fees. From parking and traffic tickets to dog licensing fees and vehicle registrations.

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    Although the price at the pump has been on the decline lately, don't expect it to last. Some are predicting $4 a gallon again in 2012.

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    Free shipping may soon be a thing of the past to entice online shoppers. The US Post Office will raise rates 4.6% this year. FedEx and UPS are following suit with a 4.9% hike

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