Do you believe in miracles?

59 year old Brenda Hewlett of Messena, New York was one of 5 people to shoot a puck to win a brand new 2011 Ford F150 4x4.  It's a one in a gazzilion shot from 114 feet away.   The opening is almost the exact size of a regulation hockey puck. Mrs. Hewlett has never held a hockey stick let alone shot a puck.  Mrs. Hewlett grabbed the stick and put a helmet on.  The person next to her said 'let it go and believe." The whole arena must have believed. She pulled back the puck in an akward stance, since Mrs Hewlett is only about 5'3 (the stick was way too big) and she let it fly.  The puck went straight into the hole and needless to say the arena EXPLODED!   People were slamming the glass. All the Warrior hockey players even rushed the ice from the locker room.

Miracles do happen, even on the ice.  To top the night off the Warriors came back from a deficit in the 3rd period & won the game. As Jim McKay said at the 1980 Olympic Hockey game when the U.S. beat the Russian's .. "DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES ?? ... YES !!!!"