My mamma says I'm just big boned, but her eyesight has been going for years. There's lots of reasons I may be "pleasantly plump," starting with not enough exercise and I have the dietary habits of the hippopotamus. But these are my 5 can't stay away from treats of the holidays.

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    Home Made Sugar Cookies

    Since I was a little kid, Mom always made sugar cookies. My favorite one was always the Santa Claus cutout with black icing on the boots. I found similar cookie cutters a couple of years ago and paid more for shipping them that they cost just to have them in time for Christmas. I'd have shown a picture of one, but they somehow all disappeared?

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    Co-workers Home Made Cookies

    Other people bring cookies into the station all the time. "Mrs Cain" who apparently has no concern about my waist line, makes delicious gingersnaps (I think that's what they're called) with a pumpkin dipping sauce. I have no idea what the candy cane cookies are, but they're small so you can have 2 or it doesn't count as having a cookie.

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    Home Made Christmas Candies

    We've covered the cookies, now comes the candies. These are haystacks and "pan style" buckeyes. The haystacks have oats, so that has to be good for you right? Polly Wogg and I learned about buckeyes when we lived in Ohio for a few years. They're peanut butter covered in chocolate. In Ohio usually they shape them in round balls in reference to the football team.

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    Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Chocolate covered cherries a Pole family tradition. My father always got these and a box of cigars for Christmas. Never was much on cigars, so I have to keep some of the family tradition alive. I have to eat twice as many to make up for not doing the cigar thing.

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    This is the empty bowl where the stuffing used to live. It dis-appeared too, I think the dog is somehow getting up on the counters. Although Polly Wogg says the dog doesn't have that kind of vertical leap.