Here in Central New York, there is no question we have amazing bars. Some of these great bars, have really funny names. Here's a look at 5 of the funniest and most unique.

Listen, we aren't insulting these bars by any means. Half the reason that sparked our curiosity was the name. We aren't poking fun in a negative way. These bars are all amazing, and by no means are we saying they aren't.

1) Knuckleheads Brewhouse

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Knuckleheads has been in Westmoreland for what seems like forever. The name has always made you smile just driving by. "You bunch of Knuckleheads!" You can stop in and become a regular at 7362 East Main Street in Westmoreland.


2) The Green Onion Pub

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Are they serving green onions? Does your beer come with green onions? Do you have to smell like green onions to go inside? Do they play the song green onions on repeat? It's a unique name, makes you smile, and makes you thirsty. Enjoy drinks from The Green Onion at 2018 Genesee Street in Utica.


3) Rhine Haus

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What is a rhine haus? Do you go in and the bartender calls you haus the whole time? "What are we drinking tonight haus?". I would pray so. The bar is known for fun tournaments and great times at 513 West Dominick Street in Rome.


4) Finger Bullet

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Just the name alone could raise your eye brow in many different directions. They've been open since 1973, so clearly fingers haven't gone missing, and bullets haven't been dropped. Did they use human fingers as bullets? Probably not. Enjoy drinks at 1692 Bennett Street in Utica.


5) Salty Shamrock

Naomi Lynn/TSM

The name is the Salty Shamrock. Do I really need to explain more why it's funny and unique? It's outstanding, that's what it is. You can get salty and shamrocky any time at 320 South Washington Street in Utica.