Who says you can't get anything for free these days? You'll find lots of free firewood, a few pieces of furniture, electronics, appliances and even an upright piano. Apparently the piano's owners were moving and couldn't fit it on the truck.

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    Dell Computer Monitor

    Some things are easier to give away than throw away. Since computer monitors can't be thrown in the trash because of hazardous materials, it's easier to give them away. And some computer shops will take them for spare parts and cables.

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    If you're headed camping or want a fire in the backyard, there's lots of free wood on Craigslist. This one may require a bit of work, but hey it's maple so it's soft to saw. Or maybe you could just have a HUGE bonfire.

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    Garage Door

    Now at first glance, you may think that's more firewood. But it's a garage door. The owner says it needs some paint, but other than that it's in great shape. 4 panels with a set of windows. If your opening is 11'wide by 9' tall you're in business.

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    Free Headboard, No Frame

    Here's a free headboard, no frame though. You'll find other listings for free frames maybe you could mix and match. Wait, does this only have one leg? As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

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    Brake Shoes for Dodge Van

    This is my favorite, brake shoes for a 1990 B250 Dodge Van. Before you scoff, these are a perfect match for Uncle Rico's van in Napoleon Dynamite. And according to the box, they're organic. Hey, I just heard the microwave ding, sounds like my tater tots are done.