While in high school you may have read the classic novel "1984" where the government has a nickname of "Big Brother". Well, that concept was turned into a reality TV show and has been strong for 16 seasons now.

On June 29th, CBS played their Sunday night episode and had this hidden gem inside the show:

Dave Wheeler/TSM

It was a nice tip of the hat to 1984.

Also in the episode, an alliance of men is coming together, and possibly crumbling at the same time. This week's co-Heads of Household Frankie and Caleb put together the "Bomb Squad" alliance, but it looks like things are going sour with some members.

The episode also featured the new "Battle of the Block" competition. The competition featured Frankie's nominees, Victoria and Brittany, going up against Caleb's, Paola and Donny. The two duos had to swing back and forth trying to throw each other water to fill a big champaign flute. Paola could barely get her swing going. Honestly, it was pathetic! How do you not know how to use a swing?  Victoria and Brittany were able to stay in sync long enough to win.

Paola and Donny are still in danger of being sent packing. They'll have one more chance to save themselves during the Power of Veto competition when "Big Brother" returns this Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on CBS.