15 year-old Kaitlyn Jackson of Norwich stunned the American Idol judges with 'Another Angel,' a song she wrote for her grandfather. Jackson shared her emotional story about opening for Mark Wills at Chenango County Fair when she was 11 years-old. While she was performing, her grandfather suffered a heart attack in the grandstands. Paramedics saved her grandfathers life, but he passed away the day after she wrote the song. He never got to hear it.

Despite getting her golden ticket to Hollywood, Kaityln is only 15 and still has to go school. She even had a presentation in class today. Shouldn't she get some sort of pass? We caught up with Kaitlyn before she left for school this morning to talk about her Idol experience.

Tad & Polly Talk with Kaitlyn Jackson

Former Idol winner Jordan Sparks was impressed with Jackson's song.

Jackson's performance didn't just impress the judges and Sparks. She was even trending on Twitter.

You can hear more music from Kaitlyn at her website KaitlynJacksonMusic.com. Her original song 'Another Angel' is available on iTunes, which is off her album Crush. Follow Kaitlyn on Twitter or Facebook.

'Another Angel'

Congrats Kaitlyn! Way to make everyone proud. Good luck in Hollywood.

American Idol continues it's two night premiere on Fox Thursday night at 8.

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