The auditions are over on The X-Factor.  The final round aired last night on FOX.    The show travelled to Newark, New Jersey and the judges found plenty of East Coast attitude.  But they didn't expect to get it from a 14 year old kid.

14 Year Old Rapper Gives Simon Lip

Brian Bradley from the Brooklyn had a few choice words for Simon Cowell.  He even threw is hat and glasses to stage telling Cowell 'what is your problem man.  Your luck we ain't in the streets because if we were in the streets this is what I would say to you.'  Then he started rapping.  It was all part of his lead in but the judges were buying it, including Simon.  When it was over Cowell called Bradley obnoxious, arrogant and argumentitive, be one of the most talented young people he's heard in a long time.  Good thing Simon likes attitude.

From Nashville to The X-Factor

Brennin Hunt is not only a very good looking man, he can also sing.  He's been a struggling artist in Nashville for years and looking for his big break.  He took a change and sang a song he wrote.  Luckily it worked.  Simon told Hunt he had a brilliant voice and feels he hasn't gotten a record deal yet because he hasn't gotten the right advice.  Cowell wants to work with Hunt to turn him into a great artist.  Now the questions is, if he's from Nashville, will he be country?  God I hope so.

Auto Mechanic By Day, Singer By Night
Tora Woloshin is every mans dream.  She is studying to be an auto mechanic and loves race cars.  She's got the look and she can sing.  The audience was on their feet for 'I Want You Back' from the Jackson 5.

The Best For Last

Jazzlyn Little is only 16 and had to get her nerves under control before her audition.  She managed to pull herself together to blow the judges away with her rendition of Mary J Blige's 'I'm Going Down.'  She received a standing ovation from the crowd and three out of the four judges.  Simon rarely stands up.

It's now off to boot camp where only 32 acts will survive.  After that, they'll be split into four categories: boys, girls, over 30's, and groups.  Catch all the action next Wednesday night at 8 on Fox.