14-year-old Alyssa Clayton is American Idol bound.  The Utica teen received her golden ticket at auditions in Florida, but she has to wait.  Since Alyssa is only 14, she won't be able try out again until next summer.

This was Alyssa's third try at getting to the Idol finale. According to mom Amy, Alyssa went through three rounds before the finale.  The first round is 1 on 1, then you're in front of the producers.  Round 3 is in front of a live audience where they vote. Then it's the finale, with all winners from the day competing.

Alyssa's golden ticket is good for the life time of the show and allows her to skip right to round 3, one round before the TV judges.  Alyssa will need to split the panel of judges to get her on in front of TV judges, which could be Keith Urban if he returns for next season.

Check out Alyssa's auditions. She sang Taylor Swift's 'The Story of Us' in February.  This time she went with Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb' and made it through. After listening to her beautiful voice, I can hear why.  What an amazing talent at such a young age.

Alyssa Clayton 'The Climb'

Alyssa Clayton Audition Tape

Alyssa Clayton 'The Story of Us'