It's been quite a year in Central New York. We take a look back in song with the 12 CNY Days of Christmas. It's an abbreviated version because all you really want to hear is all 12 days at once.

12 Fine & Furry

Who doesn't want a local hunk or a furry friend for the holidays? And the calendars benefit the Rome Humane Soceity

11 Degrees Below

It hasn't been that cold yet but we've gotten close and Winter just began.

10 Feet of Snowmen

Only in CNY can kids spend a snow day building a 10 foot snowman

9 Bids for Rigging

Alain Kaloyeros, president of SUNY Polytechnic Institute, was among 9 people charged with bribery and fraud.

8 Snow Filled Potholes

One of the good things about snow is it fills in all those potholes around CNY.

7 Utica Comettes

The only thing better than seeing the Utica Comets win on home ice is watching the Utica Comettes.

6 Creepy Clowns

October was filled with creepy clown sightings, including several in CNY.

5 Months of Cow Hunting

Remember the rogue cow that ran around New Hartford for months? It took a few professional cowboys to finally rope him in.

4 Pleas to Uber

There's probably been more than 4 pleas to get Uber to come to Upstate New York.

3 Mikel Knight Buses

The man who calls himself the country rapper, travels the country peddling his music and cops drive him out everywhere he goes, including in CNY.

2 Farms Hands

Trading the microphone for a shovel, radio personalities head to local farms to lend a hand.

Kinky Boots on Mayor Palmieri

There's no better gift than Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri showing off his Kinky Boots.

It's not as good as the original, but nothing ever is. Check out the full version of 12 Days of Christmas in Utica.