Find out what really goes on behind the Golden Arches with these 10 shocking facts about McDonald's.

10. McDonald's stopped using beef filler 'pink slime' in their patties in 2012

9. A McJob is a 'low paid job with few prospects' in the dictionary.

8. Between 1995 & 2000 $13 million in Monopoly prizes were given to employees running the promotion

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7. Americans eat 5 billion pounds of McDonald's beef a year. That's 5.5 million cows!

6. That coffee lawsuit resulted in $10,000 in medical bills and McDonald's only offered $800. The court battled ended in $500,000 in damages.

5. McDonald's serves 68 million people A DAY, selling 75 hamburgers a second.

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4. In China, confused customers got their meals at the drive thru but ate in the restaurant.

3. The Golden Arches are more recognizable than the Christian Cross.

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2. There's a McDonald's at Guantanamo Bay. Cooperating inmates allegedly are given Big Macs and fries.

1. The Golden Arches logo was to be changed in the 1960s but a consultant advised against it because it reminded people of 'large breasts.'  Which is perfect for a 'family friendly' fast food restaurant.

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